Items Needed

(Clients & Good Shepherd Thrift Store need donations)

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Bed Linens
  • Dishware
  • Silverware & Utensils
  • Appliances
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Newer flat screen TVs, no tube Tvs
  • Also Accepting
  • Automobiles, Motorcycles, & Boat Donations

A 501 (C) 3 Organization
All Gifts are Tax Deductable


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Good Shepherd Thrift Store

1115 East Third Street, Dayton, Ohio, 45402
Hours: 10am - 4pm Monday-Friday, open every other Saturday 10am - 3pm
Phone Numbers: 513-816-8089 (mobile), 937-938-5781 (office)

What we have: kitchen ware/ furniture/art & pictures/electronics/knick knacks/ Experience the adventure of the hunt & so much more!

Good Shepherd Thrift Store is a volunteer based store whose primary goal is to raise funding and awareness for re-entry & Recovering clients to get their lives together through the Life Recovery Program & Good Shepherd Ministries.

Organizations We Help: Good Shepherd Ministries, Life Enrichment Center, United Way of Dayton.

Services We offer for cash or check donations: Cleaning out garages, and/or basements, landscaping, tree work, Carpentry, and remodeling (small projects), Painting, Recycle scrap & appliances. We have a highly skilled clients in all these fields and it helps them build self esteem, and establishes structure, and character in themselves.

Items Accepted for donations: beds, furniture, antiques, kitchen ware, pictures, art work, electronics, bikes etc. We can pick up donations & offer tax write offs with donations!

We get new donations & inventory in monthly!

Help us help others!

All proceeds support Good Shepherd Ministries Life Recovery Program!


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Good Shepherd Thrift Store

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