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Good Shepherd Ministries
Life Recovery Center

Good Shepherd Ministries is an interdenominational Christian agency, which provides social services to those in recovery and/or reentry. Our Life Recovery Center assists clients with a fresh start.

Here at Good Shepherd you can visit our Good Shepherd Thrift Store for many items. Proceeds go towards help us help others.

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Our Vision
A society where men suffering from Substance Abuse Disorders are valued contributors to the welfare and prosperity of their community.
Our Values
Good Shepherd Ministries existence and operation are based on a set of core values that have guided the creation of our goals and objectives, the development of our methodologies and strategies as well as the implementation of our programs and initiatives from the very beginning.
These core values relate to:
  • The importance of coordinating, cooperating and collaborating with other faith and community based organizations, private corporations and governmental agencies to improve the individual and collective effectiveness and efficiency of our services in the community.
  • The wisdom of identifying and developing leadership from among the grassroots community to have optimal long-term success in any community based initiative.
  • The value of targeting the root systemic cause(s) of the issues of greatest concern when responding to community needs.
  • The intelligence of utilizing best practices to achieve the most desirable outcomes and impact. The compassion of building meaningful, long-term relationships with the individuals an families who want to change their lives


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